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Newb. Knows nothing. But crazy enough to ask.
I have my winter beater. Need a nice weather highway car. Prefer manual but floor shifter manual maybe. 300 hp N/A is fine. I have Sloppy Mechanics to help me on the LS side and a few builders here in town to help me with the tough parts.
What I am hoping from here is suggestions on car and gen for a daily. Crown Vic a little big. Mustang a little cramped. Lincoln’s are fine. But not if a big premium. Thinking $10k all in. Room for 2 passengers plus sometimes a dog in the back. Golf clubs in the trunk. No drag, no drift, no track. Thinking T Birds. Prefer IRS, wondering which would best fit LS, which intake to clear hood. Seen a few mod hoods to clear. So suggestions there would be cool. Hoping enough room for oil pan, PS, AC.
I will read through the threads. Realize LS is a touchy matter. Thanks for any suggestions. Regards,

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