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I'm by no means a master electrician, and most of my electrical/wiring knowledge is from a few books, my own experience, and the help of a few friends, but I see no reason why this shouldnt be 100% safe and effective. This only applies to hardtop SN95's, i dont know what to do about other cars....

Step 1) With the car off, use a small flathead screwdriver to pry the foglight switch up and out of the center console. Using the flathead, disconnect the switch from the harness by bending the little tab up and out of the way of the notch on the harness.

Step 2) With the switch disconnected and the car still off (headlights off, too, bozo), use the flathead to pry the little red piece off the top of the harness. Watch out, as it might fly off and be hard to retrieve!

Step 3) Using a test light or multimeter, quickly turn the headlights on and test all 4 terminals on the harness. There are two small ones and two big ones. The ones you need to worry about are the big ones. The live wire should be the red and black one, with the other acting as the ground. Double check to make sure though.

Step 4) Open your center compartment and pry off the two front rubber bumpers. Using a phillips head screwdriver, take the two screws that hold the storage tray thingy out and manuver the compartment out of the console. With a flashlight, look in through the huge hole you now have in your console and look for another harness that looks similar to the fog light switch one, but is attached to a plastic piece and isnt connected to anything. This is the harness that would have been used for the convertable top switch had your car been so equipped. Push this up through the hole where the fog light switch used to be and remove the red thing as well.

Step 5) Using the test light / multimeter with the key in the "ON" position (headlights off to save the battery), poke around and find which one of the three terminals is the positive lead. It should be the smaller one in the middle, between the two other wires.

Step 6) Using a small flathead screwdriver (small, i mean small....small....SMALL), poke the middle (or which ever one is live) out through the bottom.

Step 7) With the key in the "OFF" position (or out of the ignition completly), use a pair of wire clippers to snip the terminal off the top of this wire. Leaving as much wire as possible so you have room to crimp a butt connector in place, cut the positive wire on the fog light harness and cap off the end that goes down with the rest of the harness (Just to be safe).

Step 8) Strip a quarter inch or so of the wire cover off each wire, and either soder or use a butt connector to connect the positive wire from the convertable harness to the pigtail thats left from where the positive foglight source goes.

Step 9) Make sure no wire is exposed, tuck everything back in (connecting the fog light switch, of course), re-install the consol tray, turn the key and, with the headlights off, turn on the fog lights

Step 10) Send me money, performance parts (for 96 Cobra), naked women (only very attractive ones thank you), or your know, for me helping you make your car look good :rolleyes:

Sorry I dont have progress pics, but I'll try to take some when I do my buddys 94 Cobra. Its really easy and only took me half an hour or so, and I had almost no idea what I was doing. Good luck and feel free to make any suggestions on improving this method!!!

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