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Important Dates

Now through November 24th: Submission Entries. Please post your entries and pictures in this thread. (Submissions after 11:59PM on the 24th will not be included in the competition)

November 26th through end of the month: A poll will be added containing the entered submissions. A voting poll will be created so that all members get the chance to vote on their favorite. The person with the most votes at the end of the month will be the winner for the month of November!

Submissions must include:
  1. 3 photos; no more, no less. NO collages.
  2. Modifications list if you prefer

    *Pictures must be of current state of car...only exception is winter tires. Parts currently for sale or waiting to be installed may not be included. If your wheels/retros/suspension/etc. are currently for sale, even if still on car, they cannot be listed in the mod list. Cars that are currently for sale may not be submitted. No "Future Modifications" either*

Remember, please post your entries and pictures in this thread.

Let's see your beautiful rides!

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1993 Lx Hatch

I personally built this car from floor up.. Have complete pictures of build on photobucket under blownholley50(they are in 3 diff albums) Also have videos of this years passes on youtube under same name

Vortech YSI 20psi - 8 rib w Kurgan Brace
Billet Atomizer 160# injectors
Weighs 3254# as it sits.
363 w Probe Pistons
Custom hyd Roller Freezy74 Cam
ATI Cased Powerglide (built by me)
PTC Converter
3" Exhaust
M/T 275 Drag Radials
Front Suspension is a mix of Team Z and AJE
Rear Suspension Is Baseline
Chris Alston DBL Adj rear coilovers- in stk location
16V System

This year was my 1st time to race in a local Limited 275 DR class Called West Texas Mean Street- we run with WTTTF/WTOPS. I won 3 of the 5 races and won the 2012 points championship. Also broke the old record of 5.81 with a 5.65. This was in 6000' AIR!!!!!.. The car has ran a 5.64- and hope to go out this weekend and hit a 5.5x with the new intake etc in the pic! I was running a systemax all year and 75 mm t/b

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