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just wondering if they have started yet, I didn't see any threads.

I'm just gonna put mine up maybe it can be moved when they start it?

Thanks guys!

Car was stock when I got it, older man owned it he was a former PGA golfer, and it was a mid life crisis car. It had 101k on it, and was nearly mint. The inside, and outside was in great shape. I put on Magnaflows, and the K&N filter.....then.....

Vortech V2 Strim @8psi
Walbro 255LPH pump
Ford motorsports 42# injectors
Intercooler setup
BBK off road X pipe
BBK Shortys
Pillar pod with boost, AFR, and Oil pres
90mm MAF
Drilled / Slotted Stop works brakes
Custom tune by Ian

She is my daily driver, and runs awesome. Thanks for looking!

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Not open for further replies.