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This is the easiest way to post pictures.

"Email me for pics"
"Text (cell phone number) for pics"

Will not be allowed.

You can register a Photobucket account here:

Once your picture is uploaded, go to you photobucket account on your computer. Scroll to which ever picture you would like to post into your for sale thread. At the bottom right hand corner of your screen there will be links to copy and paste. Click the bottom link, it will automatically copy. Go back to your thread and right click and paste the link into your for sale thread.

Here is the link box that should be at the bottom right hand corner of your screen in your photobucket account when viewing pictures.

Photobucket has a free app for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smart phones. You can download it in the market on your phone. Very user friendly. Snap the picture, upload it, post the IMG tags from your computer.

Any questions regarding pic posting don't hesitate to ask!

If you have another option to post pics that you would like to share please PM me.

Thanks :salute:
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