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Sit down- hopefully you can help me.
I picked up a bolt in foxbody 9" rear for my 1990 LX drag car project. The guy I bought it from said it was a quick performance rear end.
After bringing it home, I wanted to start getting it dressed up/torn down/setup for install.
First on the list was Spherical bushings, as the rubber ones installed are ready for replacement.

This is where I hit my snag.

I called Quick Performance and got their solid bushing part number for their 9" bolt in foxbody rear end. The dimensions listed on their page, were larger in diameter than the bushing that I measured. QP's bushing being 1.850", and I was measuring closer to 1.805". While not drastic, it would make the fit awfully tight. Their length was significantly shorter as well. QPs bushing .955" in length between the nuts, and the steel bushing ear sleeve on the housing being 1.455". Quick Performance said this housing was not one of theirs as those bushings wouldn't fit, and it's the only bushing they use in their housing.

Stumped, I called up my Tuner at Mad Science Motorsports (a fellow foxbody nut). He had an old set of damaged 8.8" spherical bushings laying around and measured the diameter for me. They were 1.805". So, I figured that this housing must use an 8.8 bushing. I ordered a set of 8.8 spherical bushings and while the diameter was correct, the length was significantly to short (see photo).

I ended up calling UPR afterwards. They explained to me that the 8.8 and 9" bushings that they sell are the same diameter. The length is longer on the 9" vs the 8.8 (somewhere around 1.25"), and that you have to trim the housing ear sleeve down to mate up with the 9" length. Then you have to purchase a specific 9" upper control arm as the overall bushing length is wider. So, I ordered a UPR bushing for a 9" part 2003-9. They cancelled the order on me, as they are sold out and don't know when they will get any back in? (If they had to guess, they said it would be around 6 weeks).

After that, I reached out to Team Z. They couldn't tell me the difference between the 8.8 and 9" bushing. (They originally stated the 9" bushing was a smaller diameter than the 8.8 but called back and said that wasn't the case and they were the same).

Regardless, I feel like I'm totally missing something here. And this shouldn't be this hard.
Is there anyone else that would make a spherical bushing that fits this housing for a foxbody?




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