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1988 Turbo Coupe 5 Speed
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Weighing out my options for buying an 87-88 auto Turbo Coupe, i wont be leaving it stock so i know the stock trans isn't going to handle it. Spent alot of time looking at ways to upgrade the a4ld, i really don't want to be a guinea pig. So i found a canfield 2.3 to sbf adapter plate last night and that got my gears turning. First question i have is will a stock v6 4R70W with a us shift tcm handle 350 ft/lbs at the crank? Would be using a converter with around 2.5 tq multiplication so up to 875tq at the input shaft. Will have mostly easy street miles but about 20-30 passes a season. I don't expect the stock 4r70w to last forever but a couple years would be nice.

Heres a list i compiled, feel free to make suggestions or add to it.

$200 - Canfield 2.3 to SBF adapter plate
US Shift Quick 4 TCM
US Shift harness
US Shift BRV-1
US Shift PRV-2
Used 4R70W 93K
FTI 3200 stall converter
AEM x series trans temp gauge
Trans cooler
99 v6 mustang cooler lines
99 v6 mustang slip yoke
Stifflers x member or can i use a stock tc x member?
99 v6 dipstick & tube
99 v6 shift cable
93 5.0 starter

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I have not done it but you can use 4.0L V6 A4LD parts in yours, big time differences. The planets are steel instead of aluminum, among other things. May have to change the valve body I think there's differences in the solenoids.

that's a lot of work to swap in a 4R70W but that's also a very good transmission. I do not have a lot of experience with them. I cant' say how power hungry they are; however I do know that they and AOD's never came in 4 cylinder applications, so there might be something to that? Dunno.
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