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It all started with the Mass-FLO (now PRO-M) EFI system. Back in 2007 I bought the full system for my 1968 Pontiac 428. At that time the system had the EEC IV (computer) from the 89-93 A9L Fox Body 5.0. The system fired right up and worked decent.

Long story short, I bought a wideband and tuning hardware and learned how to modify and optimize the tune for my setup and got it running better under wot for full power. Now I know more about the Ford EEC than I ever thought I would. I still have the system in my Firebird with current setup in my signature. I do track days and AutoX mainly with the car including Optima USCA events.

You can see in my engine compartment pic: those are the Mustang style injectors (42 #/hr), that's the Mass-Flo 1000 cfm 4-barrel (carb style) throttle body, and original Mass-flo wiring harness and custom Mallory PIP distributor for Pontiac (spec'd by Mass-Flo). I custom made the cold air intake from scratch out of fiberglass and custom installed the 100mm MAF sensor (using Mass-flo's original supplied frequency to DC voltage converter--reprogrammed the MAF xfer function myself).

I currently use the quarterhorse and binary editor. I have been very active on EECtuning dot org. The system works great.

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