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<FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE=+0 COLOR="#990000"><B>Jason Trumpio</B></FONT>

<FONT FACE="Arial,Helvetica" SIZE=-1>There is no need to disconnect the power since we will be locally disconnecting a harness, however, in good safety, I did.

First, with the engine off, remove the center shifter bezel. Shift the shifter into reverse and lift the bezel out of the way.

<p><a href="/images/foglite/foglit1.jpg"><img src="/images/foglite/foglit1a.jpg" border="0" ALT="click to enlarge"></a>

<p>Next, locate the wiring harness running on the drivers side of shifter cavity, and gently pull up to free the barbed
clips from their holes and disconnect the harness.

<p><a href="/images/foglite/foglit2.jpg"><img src="/images/foglite/foglit2a.jpg" border="0" ALT="click to enlarge"></a>

<p>Next remove the red cap from the connector whos wires point to the rear of the car (think of them as being the
ones disconnected) Note my improper use of the electrode of my multimeter

<p><a href="/images/foglite/foglit3.jpg"><img src="/images/foglite/foglit3a.jpg" border="0" ALT="click to enlarge"></a>

<p>Next comes the tricky part. You'll notice little tabs INSIDE the harness that hold each pin inside the connector. You must use a small screwdriver to gently bend these tabs back to remove the WHITE/PURPLE STRIPE wire from the harness. Pull it aside and locate the BROWN wire directly next to it. You are going to SWAP the positions of the two wires, so the WHITE/PURPLE STRIPE wire will be re-inserted into the BROWN wire's seat, and vice-versa. Be sure they are re-inserted until they completely CLICK and you can see they are fully seated from the connector side.

<p><a href="/images/foglite/foglit4.jpg"><img src="/images/foglite/foglit4a.jpg" border="0" ALT="click to enlarge"></a>

<p>The harness should now look like this:

<p><a href="/images/foglite/foglit5.jpg"><img src="/images/foglite/foglit5a.jpg" border="0" ALT="click to enlarge"></a>

<p>And your car should look like this with the ignition on and the foglight switch activated:

<p><a href="/images/foglite/foglit6.jpg"><img src="/images/foglite/foglit6a.jpg" border="0" ALT="click to enlarge"></a>

<p>Closing notes:

<p>Foglights STILL turn off when high beams are activated

<p>Foglights STILL turn off when ignition is off

<p>Foglights WILL NOT activate when the headlights are on and the ignition is off.

<p>Now, for you convertible users out there... Disconnect the Brown wire from the FIREWALL side of the harness and
tape it up and out of the way. Install a jumper wire inbetween the BROWN and WHITE/PURPLE STRIPE wire on the
CABIN side of the harness.

<p>Alternatively, you could just turn on your parking lights to activate the convertible top if you still don't want to cut
the loom.

<p>How this works:

<p>Coupes use the same wiring loom as the converts. There is a connector clipped inside your console which can later
be used for the addition of a power top if you "convert" the car. When your ignition key is turned to the "ON" or "RUN" position, the WHITE/PURPLE STRIPE wire recieves + power. When you turn on your headlights the BROWN wire recieves + power. We are simply using the convertible top's power to activate the lights in this case.</FONT>

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